Achieve Fluency Quickly and Conveniently with 1 on 1 Online Language Classes

online language classesOnline language classes offer unparalleled flexibility. You can meet with your teacher from anywhere in the world or from 1 mile away. One of the benefits of Strommen is that you can meet with any of our teachers in-person but also online, should you need to take a trip or simply don’t feel like driving to class.

Strommen is trusted by companies like Apple and Whole Foods, organizations like the DEA and LA Opera, Celebrities like Keanu Reeves and Christofer Waltz, and by students like you! We treat all of our students like VIPs.

Our teachers follow the exact same curriculum with online language classes that they use for in-person classes. Thanks to video conferencing technology, meeting online can be just as effective as in person classes. Take a look at our language pages for more info and contact us today to get your first online class scheduled.