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Subjects: English Literature, English Second Language, Spanish


I know how it feels to make progress in a second language. In my four years of high school, with a lot of hard work and a fair amount of travel and exposure, I went from a rudimentary level of Spanish to reading classics of Spanish and Latin American literature and writing papers in Spanish about complex literary ideas. While at Reed College in Portland, I studied English Literature, tutored ESL students for several years, and taught at a summer camp for kids on the autism spectrum, for whom expression through language is often a daily struggle. With Strommen, it is my goal to move you through levels of competence in English so quickly and vigorously that you will feel like you have always spoken the language with such ease. I carry a nuanced understanding of the English language, drawing on its history and its diverse traditions of literature. I want you to speak as you want to speak, and our fun will be to get you there!

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Private classes available at your home, office, or for a better rate at our teacher's location in Los Angeles (see map below.) Don't live close to Los Angeles but want to work with Lyle ? Take private classes online!

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Rates as low as $35 per hour for private classes, or $18 per hour for group classes. Check out our English Literature, English Second Language, Spanish page(s) for more info including rates, approach, and more.


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