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Hi, I'm Annemiek and I was born in The Hague, Netherlands. My education has been in painting, which eventually brought me to California as an exchange student at CalArts, for one year of grad school. Since then I have embraced this culturally diverse metropolis. Working also as a translator and subtitler for film, I am highly aware of the differences between the Dutch and English languages, never losing track of how they both renew themselves. This balance has become an odd sort of home to me. As a Germanic language, Nederlands has a lot in common with both English and German. At the same time it has adopted way more Romance words than the aforementioned two. A softer, more musical form of Dutch is spoken in the Flemish part of Belgium, where the guttural sounding hard G's of the north come out friendlier and more fluid, going towards French. It is often said that the Flemish treat the Dutch language more conscientiously and the annual national dictation of the Dutch language is most often won by Flemish contestants. Furthermore, Dutch is rich in goofy idioms and proverbs and you will be amazed how often there is a literal match with an English one, but I look forward to sharing some typical Dutch idiosyncrasies and quirks with you. What I like most about one-on one language teaching, as well as learning is that two people of different cultures and mother's tongues sit down together. It makes you look at your own language through a different lens, and becomes an ever-enriching journey.

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