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Subjects: French, Farsi


Bonjour My name is Sheida. I am Persian, coming from Paris­ France. After I finished my studies in French language at Sorbonne University, I continued my Education in Film and theatre field which is my passion, therefore I moved to LA to pursue my great desire for Acting and the movie industry. I speak three languages fluently; Farsi (native), French and English, so there would be no problem communicating in these languages. I am also an author and translator. I have translated two English books into Farsi (that have already been published), and wrote an image analysis in both French and English. I play classical guitar, sing and enjoy learning new things. I do believe that nothing is more fun and exciting than learning a new language, which opens a new horizon to meet people from different backgrounds, connect with them, and learn about their cultures. I am impatiently looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with you and am sure that I will learn a lot from you too; as my journey is all about learning and growing.

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Rates as low as $35 per hour for private classes, or $18 per hour for group classes. Check out our French, Farsi page(s) for more info including rates, approach, and more.


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