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Azucena Duran, Madrid-Born Spanish Teacher & Strommen Student Favorite

Strommen Spanish Teacher Azucena

Azucena is a Madrid “City Girl” sharing her love of the language with her students here in LA. Our teachers are the best and they deserve to be highlighted. In our new section, Strommen Teacher Spotlights, we will ask our best teachers a few fun questions and let them take it away from there. You are one of Strommen’s most popular Language teachers. Students tell us how awesome you are all the time. Why do you think that is? AZUCENA: […]

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The 500 most frequently used Italian Words (Frequency List)

Have you ever heard the saying that people only use 300 words most of the time? Test you knowledge of Italian with the list of the 500 most frequently used Italian words used online below. This list of words is a great benchmark to see how good your vocabulary is and is taken from a dataset of online Italian. This page will be updated and improved regularly. In the meantime, we recommend making physical flashcards of each word below. You […]

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Online Class Help – 5 Technical Support Tips to Conquer Your Online Meeting.

Online language classes

Online Class Help Corona Virus has created a shift in the way we go about our daily lives. Strommen teachers and students are continuing to work, learn and improve themselves through this helpful technology. New to online classes? We put together this basic online class help page for you.   Are you completely new to video conferencing? If you are, not to worry. New technology can seem daunting but we are here to help. Do you have all the info […]

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Kickstart your Italian skills with an awesome list of the 100 Most frequently used Italian words

Italian Classes Los Angeles

New to Italian but want to get a great start at learning? Start with the 100 Most frequently used Italian words. I have been teaching Italian for almost 20 years, so people ask me what the best way to start is. Here is a great language learning hack – memorize the most frequently used vocabulary. you can start by learning the 100 most common Italian words. This will help you to build a base and form sentences in Italian. Most […]

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Spanish Slang: ¡Que barbaridad! 6 tips to speak Spanish like a local.

Spanish Slang

Why do textbooks never teach us Spanish Slang? If you ever traveled to Latin America or watched Narcos, you may have noticed that the Spanish spoken by natives is slightly different than what you were taught in a traditional Spanish class. You may have memorized how to say “Donde está el baño, por favor?” but what if you just want to say “¡Voy a hacerme encima!” (I’m going to pee myself!)? Slang is part of everyday speech around the world, […]

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50 English Idioms and why you shouldn’t use them! (Infographic)


What is an Idiom? Simply put, it is an expression that makes no sense when translated literally into another language. In our own language we take these expressions for granted. It may be a no-brainer or a piece of cake for us to understand the meaning in our own language (see what I did there?). But to a non-English speaker, these expressions make no sense. An idiomatic expression is something as simple as “to be hungry.” In Spanish, French, and […]

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How The Brain Benefits from Being Bilingual

how-the-brain-benefits-from-being-bilingual-infographic-Languages-good for your brain

Being Bilingual is Good for your Brain. But will it counteract those years of binge drinking in college?   We all know that learning a new language can help you with your career. Nothing quite pops of your resume like fluency in multiple languages. If you speak Arabic, or  Chinese you are pretty much guaranteed a government job. Right? Learning a new language is also great for your love life. Dinners with your Mexican in-laws will be more fun and whispering […]

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5 Tips for learning a new Language


5 Tips: Learn A New Language In Time for  Christmas Vacation Let’s face it, we all want to speak a second language. Some of us are pining to learn a 3rd or even 4th. Speaking a second language can help you in many parts of your life. Bilinguals have an advantage when it comes to getting work, getting around in a foreign country, and even finding love. A recent study found that 78 percent of Americans said they’re more attracted […]

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5 Things you should never do in France

Don’t make these classic mistakes. When traveling to France do you ever get the feeling that you just asked for something strange, or maybe did something wrong? Here at Strommen we help you to learn the language but also master the culture so that you can navigate foreign countries like a native. Check out this short video with 5 easy tips of what NOT to do in France.      

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