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Subjects: German, Academics and Study Skills, Swedish


Willkommen bei Strømmen! Välkommen hos Strømmen! I am a teacher for German and Swedish and would love to work with you using a fun, personalized and interactive approach to help you reach your language goals and better navigate the world! I grew up in Berlin and Lund (Sweden) where I studied Biology and German and Swedish linguistics and literature. I conducted research in the Arctic and Antarctic and graduated with a PhD in Biology from Lund University, Sweden. My research projects, my teaching assignments and my involvement in international folk dance have given me the opportunity to get to know languages and cultures across Europe (including Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the UK, Greece, Spain), Canada and the US. On many occasions I have experienced first hand how it feels when using inappropriate words or phrases or using them in an inadequate context. All of which created a steep daily learning curve that my students now are benefiting from. Since 2001 I am based in Los Angeles where I provide language and cross-cultural training both face-to-face and online. Over the past nine years I have successfully prepared more than 120 students for their study abroad or work visits to Europe by providing language and cross-cultural communication training and logistical support. Become one of them!

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Private classes available at your home, office, or for a better rate at our teacher's location in Los Angles, 90405, los angeles, Culver City, Los Angeles, Venice, Santa Monica, your own city, Marina del Rey (see map below.) Don't live close to Los Angles, 90405, los angeles, Culver City, Los Angeles, Venice, Santa Monica, your own city, Marina del Rey but want to work with Dr. Carola? Take private classes online!

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Rates as low as $35 per hour for private classes, or $18 per hour for group classes. Check out our German, Academics and Study Skills, Swedish page(s) for more info including rates, approach, and more.


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