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Subjects: Music, German, Translation


Hallo, wie geht�s? My name is Stephanie and I'd love to be your new German teacher! I am the child of an Austrian mother and a German father, which gives me the privilege of 2 citizenships. I grew up in a small beautiful Baroque town called �Schaerding� in Upper Austria. At the early age of 16 while still in high school, I started teaching German, Latin, and English to younger children. While languages were always a passion of mine, music was another field I was talented and interested in. After finishing high school I decided to study voice and pedagogics (Education) at �The University of Music and Performing Arts� in Vienna. After my graduation in 2007, I moved to Berlin, Germany, where I worked as a singer, songwriter, voice coach and private English teacher. In December 2014 I let my sense of adventure and my hunger for new experiences take over and packed my bags to go live in America. Shortly after I arrived here in the great city of Los Angeles I learned that there is quite a demand for qualified German instructors and so I started teaching private German classes. A lot of my students have told me that they find my teaching style very motivating and inspiring, which is in my opinion key when diving into a new language. You can be sure, that I�ll do everything in my power to make this learning experience fun and pleasurable for you. It will not be like in most public schools, YOU are the focus and we'll achieve YOUR GOAL together.

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Private classes available at your home, office, or for a better rate at our teacher's location in Los Angeles, LA, Culver City, los angeles (see map below.) Don't live close to Los Angeles, LA, Culver City, los angeles but want to work with Stephanie? Take private classes online!

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Rates as low as $35 per hour for private classes, or $18 per hour for group classes. Check out our Music, German, Translation page(s) for more info including rates, approach, and more.


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