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Subjects: German, Translation


Hallo, mein name ist Luana. I'm a german native, born in the beautiful city of Duesseldorf. I was raised bi lingual in a German Italian household. I developed my passion for languages very early in life. I was offered to take a french class in primary school and I chose latin as my main subject in high school, I continued to take a Spanish class for one year at 14 and I finally started learning English at 15 after spending a Summer in England. I left Germany at 19, after achieving an associates degree, to travel the world and to become fluent in English. I lived in metropoles such as London, New York City and Sydney, where I worked as a language au pair teaching children german and as a professional translator. In 2012 I moved to Oslo where I added Norwegian to my languages. Since 2015 I live in Los Angeles. I know how it is to learn a language from scratch to fluency and I would love to help you achieve your goals in learning german no matter if it is for a trip to Germany, to surprise your german grandmother or to move to a german speaking country. It is important that you enjoy your classes and I will do everything to keep them interesting and you focused by building our classes around your interests.

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Private classes available at your home, office, or for a better rate at our teacher's location in Los Angeles, los angeles, Sherman oaks (see map below.) Don't live close to Los Angeles, los angeles, Sherman oaks but want to work with Luana? Take private classes online!

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Rates as low as $35 per hour for private classes, or $18 per hour for group classes. Check out our German, Translation page(s) for more info including rates, approach, and more.


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